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I stopped using Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn a long time ago. I still have a Twitter profile but I'm using it only for posting links to articles and videos. I'm mostly active on YouTube and Twitch.

You're either a Zero or a One

This has been on my mind for so long.

  • Likes
  • RTs
  • Shares
  • Metrics
  • Followers
  • Friends
  • Stats
  • Sleep tracking
  • Quantified self
  • Calorie counting
  • Kilometers ran
  • GitHub contributions
  • Number of read books



None of this matters. You have either reached your goal, or you haven't. Progress is just a small steps towards it, but it's not the goal. Lately I've been tweeting about the number of books that I have read, or the kilometers I have ran. It's just a small way to lie to myself that I have accomplished my final goals. But I'm so far away from them, it hurts. Still, if I'm honest, the feedback that I get on the tweets makes me feel better about what I've done. Thankfully, I learned to recognize that feeling and I'm starting to hate it, again. It's one of the reasons I have deleted my Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. Social media is an amazing tool, It's just sad that after a while we start abusing it to portray our life in a very fake way. Eventually you're starting to lie to yourself and live for the others. I really don't want to delete my Twitter account, I just want to stop lying to myself, again. I want to stop being a Zero and accomplish the One for once in my life, without prematurely celebrating the decimals in between.


Remember: Every minor step that you take is just a decimal between a Zero and One.


"I just ran 5k this morning so I deserve these doughnuts". You're forgetting about the goal, the One. The One in this case is for you to lose weight and look fit. Look at yourself in the mirror, do you see any six-pack? Maybe, if there is a picture of Zac Efron slapped on it. Ignore the decimals, grab an apple, and hit the gym for the next 365 days.


"I worked for 6 hours this morning so I deserve to watch Netflix all night". The One in this case is for you to run a successful and profitable startup, yet you're still stuck at "Hello World". I guess Netflix can wait.


"I read 6 books this month, I'm way ahead of my Goodreads challenge". Wow genius, you really nailed it. Who gives a fuck? It's better to read 1 book per year and gain massive value out of it, than to read 6 books per month just to win a stupid challenge. The One in this case is to get smarter and obtain more knowledge, the decimals don't matter.


"The Verge, TechCrunch, and many other popular blogs wrote about ok-google.io, wow I guess my product rocks!". Was that the One? It totally wasn't. I just got lost in all the other non-important metrics that I forgot why I started the project at all. I'm not saying that all metrics are terrible, but 99% of the time, we get attached to the decimals and we get lost.


I want to change this as soon as possible, so I'm done with celebrating my small successes until I can say:


I have finally accomplished the One.


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