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I stopped using Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn a long time ago. I still have a Twitter profile but I'm using it only for posting links to articles and videos. I'm mostly active on YouTube and Twitch.

Navigating the hype driven world of frontend dev without going insane

The obsession to always move on to the latest and greatest, and the fear of missing out while working with tooling that's older than few months is currently dominating the dev world. Most developers are focused on the wrong things and they're constantly discussing things that don't matter in the long run. Instead of making our workday look like fun and games by inventing tasks that seem challenging to us, we should shift the focus to providing value for the end user. When we start looking at things in a new way, the FOMO is drastically reduced. In this talk, we're going to explore all the common pitfalls and provide practical solutions for solving this problem once and for all.